A Performance Hiring Platform

Let's build a world where talent can shine

Headlight is a performance hiring platform. We offer scalable, candidate-friendly tech screening services to streamline hiring for some of the smartest technology firms in the world. We help surface talent through our fun tech tournaments, where candidates compete for glory, prizes, and introductions to top employers. Our mission is to transform the way talent finds opportunity and make hiring less painful for everyone.

About the Founders

Headlight founders

After starting their careers in Silicon Valley, Jason Shen and Wayne Gerard found themselves in New York City, working shoulder-to-shoulder at a global e-commerce platform. Their shared passion for technology, hiring, and productivity led them to co-found Headlight in 2017. They are alumni of Etsy, Bloomberg, Stanford, and Y Combinator and have nearly two decades of experience in product, engineering, and marketing.

Our Approach

Historically, employers have used past experience, credentials, and gut instinct as their primary hiring methods. We believe there's an over reliance on educational and professional pedigree which leads to homogenous workplaces that miss out on great people who don't "fit the mold". Hiring practices developed in the 20th century no longer make sense in our cognitively complex and rapidly evolving world.

Today, the work output of most white-collar professionals can be documented, digitized, and analyzed like never before. Industrial psychology research indicates that work samples, sometimes known as take-home assignments, are one of the best predictors of success on the job. But developing an appropriate assignment isn't easy, managing the assessment process is time-consuming, and having a methodical and scalable way to evaluate candidate work is something many companies are not equipped to handle.

That's where Headlight comes in. We have a library of well-crafted tech assessments and can customize something for your role. Our platform gives candidates a branded and friendly assessment experience. Our network of Field Experts provides fast, thorough, and constructive feedback on every candidate so you can make the right decision. Our Tournaments allow you to discover untapped talent ready to join your ranks.

We're building systems to identify tomorrow's high performers so that your teams can stay focused on building the next big thing.

Why Headlight?

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Friction-free screens

Candidates will appreciate our time-boxed technical challenges that model real world problems, not ab- stract brainteasers.

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In-depth feedback

Our team of expert evaluators provides detailed feedback and recommendations based on your requirements in just 3 days.

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Accelerate your hiring

Screen multiple candidates simultaneously and make a decision faster while saving time on endless phone screens.

Meet your trusted tech screening partner

Learn how headlight can get you consistent and frustartion-free assessments of you engineering candidates while your team focuses on shipping.