The NYC Engineering Tournament is an online programming challenge open to anyone who lives or works in the New York City area.

1) Take our mobile or full-stack web challenges

2) Win awesome prizes like 2 roundtrip tickets anywhere in the world or a brand new 4k monitor

3) Hear from hiring managers at top NYC tech firms

The NYC Engineering Tournament runs April 20-23, 2018

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The NYC Engineering Tournament is an online programming challenge open to anyone who lives or works in the greater New York City area.

Develop an iOS, Android, or full-stack web solution to our engineering challenge and get recognized as one of NYC's leading developers. Top finishers win prizes like 2 roundtrip tickets anywhere in the world or sponsorship to your favorite tech conference.

Hiring managers at NYC tech firms will have the opportunity to request an introduction with Tournament participants.

The NYC Engineering Tournament runs April 20-23, 2018

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How it Works

Challenge 3

Take the Eng Challenge

Build an app on web, iOS, or Android to help protect the citizens of Gothic City. You have four hours to get an MVP up before Mr. Wayne gets into the office.


Judges Review Work

Our panel of engineers and eng managers will conduct a blind evaluation of your work and offer constructive feedback. Blind review


Win Prizes & Interviews

The top candidates will win great prizes and (if interested) move directly to inteviews with top NYC tech firms hiring software engineers.

The Engineering Challenge

There's trouble brewing in Gothic City. The city's worst supervillans are loose and GCPD has issued a special contract to The Wayne Corporation to help catch them. As one of the firm's finest engineers, you're tasked with helping build tools that will allow ordinary citizens to help identify the bad guys and bring them to justice.

You can begin the challenge anytime between Friday April 20th and Monday April 23rd (midnight) and every competitor has up to four hours to submit their solution. So while the details are under wraps, our teaser trailer below can help underscore the stakes.


Make sure you've got your sound on and headphones turned on. Captions don't do it justice.

Our Prizes

Dreaming about going on a big trip this year? We'll foot the flights for two of you. Or let us sponsor your ticket to your favorite tech conference. Impress our judges and you'll walk away with not just glory but awesome prizes.

Winners will be awarded for two platforms: web and mobile (iOS and Android considered together)

Grand Prize

Plane tickets

Travel: two (2) roundtrip flights anywhere in the world (limit $4,000)

(1 winner per platform)

First Prize


Learn: travel + ticket reimbursement to any tech conference (limit $1,000)

(3 winners per platform)

Finalist Prize

4k monitor

View: a brand new 27" 4k monitor or $450 in cash

(5 winners per platform)

Attend the Panel

If you're curious about the tournament but aren't ready to commit or are just a dev interested in leveling up your engineering career, join us on Wednesday April 18th for a mixer and panel discussion with our judges on how you can improve your skills, do impactful work, and get recognized (and paid) what you're worth.

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Judges & Evaluation Criteria

We've assembled a team of industry veterans from some of New York City's most respected organizations to provide thoughtful and fair evaluation of your work - and nothing else. Judges are barred to compete in the tournament or providing aid or unfair advantage to any competitor.

Submissions will be reviewed on the basis of four criteria:

  • Extensability - Is the code easy to read and understand? How easy is it to add new functionality? How easy is it to adjust existing functionality?
  • Presentation - Is everything presented according to contemporary standards? Have different screen sizes been considered?
  • Functionality - Does this meet the core requirements? Does the submission have functionality beyond the core requirements? How complex are these additional functionalities?
  • Thoroughness - Have edge cases been considered? What happens if the API returns an error?
Vesha parker

Vesha Parker


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Pratik Prasad


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Sam Lau


Veronica ray

Veronica Ray


Richard liang

Richard Liang


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Izzy Oji


Our Hiring Managers

New York City tech companies are searching for the right engineering talent to help their companies build valuable products and scale. Here are some of our corporate partners who have open engineering positions and are excited to connect with those who rise to the top of the NYC Eng Tournament:

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Headlight has partnered with day100, a psychology-based hiring software platform, to provide employers with an emotional intelligence (EQ) assessment of top PM finishers, including traits such as assertiveness, self-discipline, warmth, and deliberation.

By reviewing both a PM's work product and human qualities, hiring managers can make intelligent decisions about who has the greatest potential of succeeding in their teams and should advance to interviews.

Get Involved

The NYC Engineering Tournament is looking to celebrate NYC's incredible engineering talent and be a source of untapped talent for tech employers.

Software Engineers

Whether you’re ready for your next opportunity, fresh out of school or bootcamp, or just want to see how you stack up against other engineers, competing in the NYC Engineering Tournament is a fun and rewarding test of your skills.

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